Land dissapearing! Barbuda is learning to survive 50% loss.

Land dissapearing! The small island in the Caribbean, Barbuda, is facing a 50% loss of land area due to rising sea levels. Sub Sahara, Africa to lose 15% of usable land to desertification.

Yet we still have those that tell us our World’s climate is not changing, and what’s even stranger is that nothing is being done by those that can make a difference. For the first time in over 400 years the springs at Tunbridge Wells has dried up. Yet still our World’s so called leaders sit on their collective hands with their collective heads firmly in the sand, hoping against hope that someone else will fix it.

While this is all going on, others sharing this planet are still killing each other over who’s views on GOD are right. why can’t these so called religious idiots just get the ORIGINAL BOOKS out and read them. Don’t only accept the bits that make you happy, either accept it all or reject it all, but stop killing each other.

Our way of life is changing. our entire World is changing. Our Future is changing. Yet our thinking is not!! How can this be? How can a so called intelligent species, such as man, be so dumb? The things that are changing whether we like it or not, are CHANGING. We need to adapt as the people of Barbuda are adapting.

Will we the entire Human population, wait untill every island is under the sea, and all arable land has become desert, before we accept that we need to adapt. Will we wait untill it is too late to create the necessary changes to our way of living, before we accept the need to actually make these changes.

If we were prepared to make changes to our entire Planet’s way of life today. We would have a very good chance of leaving a World that is very similar to the one we have know for our grand children. If we do nothing our grand children will be, if Humanity survives, will be forced to fight very hard against an extremely hostile environment for survival.

Place like Barbuda, show us the way!! Accept that our environment is changing!! Look at what can be done during and after the change, to live harmoniously with our World. Start making changes to our way of life NOW. The entire Population!!

We can no longer look at these World changing events as separate Nations. It is imperative that we start acting together as one World, not a bunch of different tribes. As one World we could not only survive, but prosper! As a bunch of different tribes we shall continue to kill each other over something that may no longer exist.

River pollution effects birds, lets mine the Arctic.

River pollution is effecting birds in Wales. Our Human response to this type of news. Lets mine the Arctic Ocean and see what other of our World’s creatures we can destroy.

Why do we Humans do this? We know that our actions are effecting every aspect of this World environment, yet we continue as if nothing is happening. We know that pour actions are creating extinctions on a MASSIVE scale, yet we continue to act in the exact same manner. Why?

There is a report that the Eastern ice of Antarctica could be in more danger than any other ice on this Planet. Admittedly, the scientists are saying it may be in 2 hundred years that the effects will be felt, but 2 hundred years is a very short time in history. What the say is frightening. If they are correct the Oceans could and will rise by 50 metres or more. Add this to a rising World population and the loss of bees for pollinating crops, and the future of mankind does not look very promising.

What do we do about this? Why we ignore it of course. We allow vested interests to dictate our future or lack of future for us. We give away our right to control our own lives. I can understand big business not caring about the future, they only ever care about profit and if we actually make the changes to our WORLD systems of life and the way we live to ensure the future of our Human race and the Planet. There is no profit! Because we will need to change from a profit driven society to a sustainable driven society and soon.

Our World’s scientist actually agree, well 97% agree, that our climate is changing. They agree that our Oceans are acidifying. They agree that pollution is on the increase. They all agree that these changes will have a HUGE impact on our way of life.

Why then don’t our leaders agree along with them? Because WE the Human population of this beautiful wondrous Planet  refuse to accept that we will have to stop purchasing stuff, to prove we are richer or better than others. In other words we are greedy and don’t want to give anything up.

Well if we continue these same actions for much longer we will have given the decision over to God or Mother nature or the Universe or whatever, and WE won’t like there decision at all. They will decide that this entire Planet is more important than stuff. They will decide to keep the diversity of species.

How can this occur without us Humans changing? The same way that they dealt with the dinosaurs. World changing catastrophic events. Oceans rising faster than we can move away from the coasts. Volcanoes erupting, creating air quality changes. The fires that are burning in peat areas continuing to escalate. In other words by increasing the intensity of what We all are experiencing right Now.

Can we alter this from occurring? Probably not, but if we take action now to limit the damage that we Humans are creating then we may have time and means to adapt to the changes that are occurring. We may even be able to bring about a way of life that suits the entire Population of this beautiful, wondrous Planet of ours, including the animals, birds fish, plants etc.

Whales safe in southern oceans, or are they?

Whales are safe in southern Oceans, due to the World court’s decision this past week. Japan are considering what they will do from this point on. You can bet that they do not mean to stop slaughtering Whales, and that while they may abide by the court’s decision for now, I will be surprised if they don’t find a loophole.

Meanwhile. While the court’s decision has meant that Whales in the Southern Oceans are safe from hunters. They are not safe from human intervention in their environment. The Oceans are becoming increasingly acidic and we Human’s are continuing to take their food away from them to use as fertiliser and pain medications. We are also increasingly leaving our waste in their environment.

Also this week the IPCC or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has released their very large report to the waiting World. Only one of the 70 authors has asked for his name to be removed from the final document. Not because he disagrees that Climate change is real and potentially very damaging, but because he feels that we humans will adapt quickly to our changing World.

It is interesting to note that this one person feels that we can and will adapt in very positive ways. To our future World where their will be wars over fresh water, less food production, therefore extreme poverty and starvation for the very poor. Where Island nations will disappear under the rising Oceans and coastal communities will be forced to move.

Economically Climate Change will impact everyone of us sharing this beautiful wondrous Planet. All we need to do is look at the cost’s of natural disasters occurring Worldwide right now. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fires, floods, sinkholes, crop failures etc. Everywhere you look money is being spent on remedial work in disaster areas. Where do we expect this money to come from? Do you expect big business to pay? Well I doubt it. So as usual it will come down to the worker paying his or her increased tax bill.

Increases in tax burdens will impact on family survival, and not for the better. The very poor can’t pay, because they have nothing anyway. They will just starve. Can we change all this as that one author has suggested? I believe that we can! BUT I doubt that we will in time. Why would I say that? You only have to look at every meeting so far that has required action from pour World Leaders. The only thing ever agreed on is do NOTHING.

Can we reverse the Changes that are already impacting on our everyday lives as some Scientist would have us believe. I for one don’t know, but what I do know is that financially for us ALL it would be much easier to accept that change is occurring in our Climate and make the changes NOW, to stop making things worse.

To do this, We would have to change our entire Global system of government, We would have to change our entire way of life. We would need to agree and work together for the best interests of everyone, Worldwide, We would need to change our view of country allegiance to a World allegiance. We would need to stop manufacturing weapons of war. We would need to stop Greed. We would need to stop jealousy. And so much more!

What will be interesting as we continue our lives is seeing how exactly we do cope with All of the changes that are going to be forced in our lives do to the mess that we humans have created for ourselves.

Politicians and Scientists, should we truly trust what they say?

Politicians and Scientists, should we truly trust and believe what they say? Should we trust them when they tell us that Nuclear power is absolutely 100% safe, and that they have methods that safely store the waste from the making of Nuclear power? Should we trust them when they tell us that they are taking all appropriate action to ensure that our environment is not harmed by Nuclear waste issues?

Their answers seem to be hide the fact that we actually have any form of waste issue from Nuclear reaction. In France the plan to bury their waste from the years of nuclear power production. What happens then? As usual no one knows. The radioactive leak coming from Japan’s Fukushima disaster, is currently heading for the eastern coast of North America. What do they say? All radioactive levels are less than highest safe levels.Less than who’s idea of safe? Yours and mine or someone who is in a very safe place with no expectation of coming into any contact with the “Plume”.

These very same people continually tell us that Climate change is not real as well. Should we believe them? I know that I don’t. They tell us that they are doing something to stop illegal Poaching of ivory as well. Is poaching still happening? Of course it is, should we believe our Politicians and Scientists? Make up your own mind.

Our Politicians and Scientists tell us that they will find a way to end conflict? Are wars still being fought? Everywhere all over this Planet, why Russia has just decided to reclaim the Crimea( that is where their navy lives after all). What has happened? A lot of breast beating by many Politicians, Russia is still in Crimea.

Our Politicians and Scientists tell us that they have our best interests at heart. They tell us that they Know what they are doing, and it is all for us. Should we believe them? I for one cetainly Don’t.




















Changing weather patterns don’t just effect us humans!

Changing weather patterns don’t just effect us humans, as in Climate Change, Birds are also effected in life threatening ways. Recent storms in Europe have resulted in the deaths of more than 11,000 sea birds. Not to mention all of the birds, animals, reptiles and insect that are killed in Every Fire all over the globe.

The World is changing! Our beautiful wondrous Planet IS changing. Our World Climate IS changing, AND WE ALL know that it is. Yet still We Humans continue to argue over who should be in charge of each country. We Humans still spend vast amounts of Money and Energy on killing each other, wasting precious World resources on WAR. It is horrifying to think about how MUCH of our World’s MONEY is being wasted on weapons to take life.

Why isn’t that Vast amount of Money being spent on ways to ensure Life?

The amount of food wasted each day would ensure that no person went hungry, if we just distributed it better.

The amount of fresh water used for War, would be enough to ensure that no person went thirsty.

The waste from industry if used for humanity could ensure a roof over every head.

Yet still we continue to devastate our World’s forest’s, and acidify our World’s Oceans. effecting every other life form that shares this wonderful World with us. The money we Humans spend each year on self destruction through War, if spent on understanding our environment, may be enough to actually ensure the very survival, of not only our species, but many of the other species that still exist with us on this Planet.

Our World’s scientists agree that the Climate is Changing, some disagree on why, still agreeing that change is occurring. It is our Politicians and Large Corporation heads that are willing to gamble with our lives. You only have to look at the Fukushima disaster, that is ongoing, to understand how much of a gamble they are prepared to take. The plume of radioactive waste is traveling across the Ocean to America. We don’t yet know how much marine life will be lost due to this.

This only goes to show us all how little consideration, is given to unfortunate outcomes, before deciding to introduce industry and money making concerns into our World environment. In a very short space of time for our Planet, mankind has created vast detrimental change to our World. Can we afford to allow this rate of change to continue. Without the proper understanding of each and every change, and the possible impact, PRIOR to introducing any future change.

We all live in very interesting times. Right now. Our future is uncertain, even if we have a future is uncertain. This is shown in the way that our World has chosen to Store away seeds (20,000 so far) in the “doomsday seed vault”. Why? Maybe because someone thinks that we may very well be doing so much damage that future survival depends on it.

An update on the bee problem for our World. The disease that is threatening all bees all over the World, has now spread to wild bumble bees. This may be why the “doomsday seed vault” was first conceived.